About Gramola Lab

After 15 years dedicating myself to assisted reproduction, I decide to turn my life around and enter the sweet world of chocolate. It captivates me from the first moment and I realize that it requires the same precision, rigor and rigor that I have always needed in the IVF laboratory.

And that's how Gramola Lab was born, the result of a reinvention, of the passion for chocolate and the need to create beauty in a laboratory of illusions, resulting in special, different, fun, unique and ... delicious, really delicious products.

Welcome to the universe of Gramola Lab, where you will find little moments of sweet happiness!

The founder

“I així neix Gramola Lab, fruit d’una reinvenció, d’una passió, d’un enamorament per la xocolata i la necessitat de crear bellesa.”

Aïda Casanovas
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